Thursday, April 19, 2012

Aardvark's awesome inspirational manifestos

É impossível ficar indiferente aos manifestos das senhoras da Aardvark.
O trabalho de Lesley e Pea é absolutamente inspirador e os seus manifestos anuais 'obrigam-nos' a perceber a importância das coisas simples e a dar-lhes o valor que merecem.
Convido-vos a lê-los e desafio-vos a conseguir resistir-lhes!

It's impossible not to love the manifestos created by the two ladies behind Aardvark.
Lesley and Pea's work is absolutely inspiring and their yearly manifestos really 'make' us think about what matters and the importance of the simple things in life.
I invite you to read them and challenge you to be able to resist them!

'Kill your TV'


'Boat of life'


Spotted at Aardvark

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